Ceremony of the 7th VMO office

On the morning of March 16, Vmodev members raised toast to the new home at the ribbon-cutting Ceremony of the 7th VMO office.

Over nearly 8 years of establishment and development, Vmodev has made a milestone marking remarkable growth in all aspects. We are constantly improving the quality of our services through the application of new technologies and the development of an experienced team of engineers and personnel.

Following its development roadmap, Vmodev officially opened the 7th VMO office, on the 8th floor of IDMC building Ton That Thuyet, Hanoi.

The new office has a floor area of up to 700m2, with a people-centric policy, Vmodev creates an environment where anyone can really enjoy their 8 hours a day there. Open office design, minimizing partitions to increase interaction, focusing on creating spaces for people to relax to balance work and life right in the office. Typically, they often have to sit by the computer for a long time, the desk and the comfortable headrest will support the back and spine protection for each member.

And much more, it is the cohesion and creation of good values in a shared home - VMODEV



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