Announcement of the successful M&A with AGRI

On June 1st, 2021, AGRICARE Co., Ltd (“AGRI”) - a Japanese medical service subsidiary of AGRICARE Group, 110 Co., Ltd - a Group subsidiary and the founder and chairman, Mr. Shunichito Ito has completed the M&A process of Patient Technology Vietnam Joint Stock Company (“PTL”) - a subsidiary of VMO Holdings.

Founded in 2014, the former subsidiary company of VMO Holdings is adept at developing Medical - Healthcare applications dedicated for clients in the US. After the M&A, Agricare Group officially owns and operates PTL from VMO Holdings. With the participation of the new Management team, PTL aspired to become the pioneer and trusted provider of digital transformation solutions for the Healthcare sector in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region.

The need of digital transformation in the Healthcare industry has become even more urgent in the widespread of the pandemic. The application of information technology in a comprehensive way with special attention to modern digital technologies will bring a positive change to all medical activities in the Healthcare industry. To initiate, PTL has new business strategies to become a company specializing in providing digital healthcare solutions in Vietnam and in Southeast Asia. The first step of this aspiration is the introduction of the Medical and Healthcare application called "Leber”, which will first be operated in Vietnam to support the patients and health workers here. (

After the M&A, VMO Holdings and Agricare Group also agreed to sign the Strategic Partnership focusing on promoting digital transformation in the field of Medical and Healthcare in Vietnam and Japan. The two sides will promote research, development and application of software products related to Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) to users of these two markets.

“With this strategic cooperation, VMO Holdings will have the technical support and market potential to further promote its development scale in the Japanese market in particular and Asia in general. 10 years of experience in software development for the US market is hoped to be the competitive edge for VMO to thrive in Japan. “Mr Hai Hoang, CEO at VMO shared.

“This acquisition of PTL shares and the partnership with VMO Holdings are part of AGRI’s business strategy. I believe by taking advantage of PTL’s technology and experiences in the healthcare sector, we can build a sustainable healthcare system. We are confident that we will strive to create a society where medical care can be delivered to patients “anytime, anywhere, to anyone” by providing these solid foundations. “Mr. Y. Kusama, president of AGRI shared.

The successful cooperation between VMO Holdings and Agricare Group with the innovative strategic plans is expected to open the door that connects the Healthcare industry with modern technologies, thus contributing to the common goal of making Healthcare accessible on a global scale.

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